Business Succession Planning

Where there's a plan, there's a continued business

The idea that someday, someone else will be running your business may be a difficult one to consider. Therefore, if you wish for your business to continue—and thrive—after you are gone, consider taking the time now to create a business succession plan.

A business succession plan is far more than a legal document designed to pass your possessions on to beneficiaries. It is a comprehensive estate planning tool that can include everything from shareholder buy-sell agreements to management plans, as well as any other documentation relevant to the smooth operation of your business.

Whereas traditional estate plans are usually designed to lessen potential tax burdens, the business succession plan may include such considerations, but is aimed primarily at maintaining the overall health of your business.

How to begin

An estate planning team consisting of your attorney, accountant, and qualified financial advisors can help you devise a business succession plan, including all the necessary documents and required information. There are established methods for a transition that can help to leave both your business and any successor management free from unnecessary worry.